Fifth Harmony - All In My Head Flex NEFFEX Remix (Dmitrious Bazhanov

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Fifth Harmony - All In My Head (Flex) (NEFFEX Remix) (Dmitrious Bazhanov

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Verse 1
I said flex
you party with the best
when you party with NEFFEX
so lets get it started were so blessed
no were never looking back no never looking back oh no

I feel it in my chest
all these ladies at work oh yes they well dressed
fox fam in the skirt oh yes she so blessed
and we'll keep it on the low back stage at our shows lets go
Flex, time to impress
Come and climb in my bed
Don't be shy do your thing
It's all in my head

I ball out
the foxfam say they love us
I ball out
and all the venues say they want us
I ball out
aint no label gunna run us
i ball out
we're the CEO bitch yea you ready for a come up

cuz we've been slaying beats back to back
I got a can in my hand and a bottle of jack
and I know cam's favorite brand is a bottle of that
so step aside bitch I ain't ever comin back
we take it to the hotel lobby
and I'm feelin on her body
and she's such a little hottie
says she feelin so naughty
somebody please stop me
I don't have the patience and she's lookin so foxy half drunk off a Molly
Verse 2
I'm like woah
hit me on my phone girl
I just wanna get you all alone girl
I just wanna get you in the zone girl
we blowin up fast everybody knows girl

I showed up just so I could steal the party
I'm already half drunk off Bacardi
so let's get this shit started
I'm feelin so heartless
8 shots deep cuz you know I love that hard shit, regardless

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