On Wave - Bratislava

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On Wave - Bratislava

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Дата добавления: 2016-09-26

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Текст песни:

She lived in small Bratislava,
had a so serious father,
tried a so various problems,
loved so unpromising lover.

Hey mush youll never heard my words.
Just fuck, still drunk, punk rock.
Hey mush, or mom, or dad, or what
Ever was so worth.

She had a roads on her table.
Small pity teddy bears cares.
She tried a sex with a cherries.
Yeah sex in threesome with cherries.
She had a dream ha simply
Go out as candle fire simply
And flowing down by wax never,
But meds said never say never.

Snow shooting (shot in) brain
Still pay for pain
Still life is game, its my way.
Snow shooting (shot in) game
Still life in brain.
I never felt so pain in my way
never felt so pain in my vein
never felt so pain in my way

Клип Surf Anywhere shreds Cunovo Wave near Bratislava, Slovakia

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